Designing great websites for authors is something that we understand …..

We have designed the ultimate layout for you to showcase your books.

The design is :

  • Responsive to work flawlessly on all possible devices
  • Optimised layout so your audience can navigate easily
  • Showcase the books and the author
  • Be fully optimised for search engines using markup
  • Load fast and look current with best practice in modern web design

Showcase your latest title on the homepage..

List titles as a grid of book covers or as a more straightforward list with thumbnails images
Use a popular CMS that allows you to set out your pages how you want them

  • Author Profile
  • Blog Posts
  • Events
  • Training Courses & online learning *
  • Image Galleries

To make a great website it is not simply a question of putting the content that you give usr into a design. It requires skill and years of experience to know how to do it right

We consults with you the Author to understand your work, and provide you with the platform that your work needs.